All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Sweet pea animated gifs. What a wonderful fragrance.

Not too sure about the middle animation with the peas in a pod

RoseSweet peas, one of my favourite as they are so easy to grow. Lovely fragrance, when they first bloom they are very colourful but tend to look very scruffy after a short time. My mother and grand mother loved these flowers and the seeds were saved for the next year's display. The 3D model of the top left animation was a real challenge with so much curved work but I eventually got there. The coloured peas in a pod could be from a sweet pea because the seed pods are very similar but this animation was just my little bit of fun. I bet it never gets used for anything. Once the sweet pea model was created it is easy to copy them and put them in a vase as I have done here.

animated sweet pea
coloured peas in a pod
sweet peas in a vase
sweet pea cube
sweet pea animated badge
animated sweet peas on a cube

The bottom row are animations using a very simple technique which I have used many times on some of our web pages. It is quite an easy task to add any sort of image to these basic shapes and yet I think it still produces a good classy animation that would grace any respectable webpage.