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Animated Swedish Teddy bear and monkey

animated cogSweden, a Nordic country that has borders with Finland and Norway. It does not have a large percentage of people to land mass. Have you noticed how these three countries always help each other out in the Eurovision song contest. Very few countries help out the UK and who can blame them. I used to be a joiner and used a lot of softwood and some of it originated from Sweden because 65% of Swedish land area is covered with forests.
I'm sure that if you have discovered this page you will have a use for an animated monkey or Teddy bear and even possibly a use for a Swedish Flag. They are animated gifs and they have a transparent background that works best on a light coloured background. You can modify them or add them to other animations, we do not mind.

Swedish teddy animation
Swedish animated flag
Animated monkey from Sweden

Swedish teddy and monkey, slightly serious but they have a lot of common sense . Blue and Yellow blonde teddy. A lovely combination made just for you to use. Download them to a folder or somewhere on your hard drive and modify or alter them in any way. There is no copyright on these little rascals..