All animations created by Dave Sutton

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A collection of juicy strawberries

Have you got the cream?

strawberry bulletThe strawberry was created as a 3D model and carefully rendered with a photograph of a strawberry that had been modified in Paint Shop Pro. Not an easy model to build but I have uploaded a Sketchup version to the Google sketchup warehouse. Download the free 3D program and have some fun. The spinning badge and cube animations are slightly easier to make and just about any image can be planted on them. The combination of a single animated strawberry and loads of strawberries in the background is one of my later techniques, sometimes it works, sometimes it is not so good,

animated strawberry
Strawberry badge
strawberry animation
strawberry cube
animated strawberries
strawberries on a spinning cube

Kent, the garden of England

i live in Kent UK and in the summer the strawberry fields are full with ripe luscious strawberries so I see loads of roadside stalls selling punnets of strawberries. Of course you can now go to the farms and pick your own, a dangerous thing for me to do because I seem to eat more than I pick. I even have plenty in our garden but the grand daughter picks and eats them all. Just right with a dollop of double cream.