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My complete list of sports animations

World cup and footballAbove you have the full list of links to the different sports animations that I have on my website, they are all made by myself with the help of Dot who looks after me, gives me inspiration and is the administrator of this website. In the early days I had made the complete set of English football club animations. I was a little naive those days, and maybe still am, but I did not realize that there is a copyright on the club logos. One every big professional football club's lawyer soon let me know that I was using their logo without any permission and my animations soon disappeared although even now years later some websites are still trying to link to them.
I still have quite a good selection of football animations, American and European (Soccer) and have even animated the World Cup. This is one category that does need a few animations added and a few more sports events added (Suggestions welcome) but I always keep the Olympic animations up to date with whatever location is hosting them

I make spinning Ice hockey pucks and a few clubs have had custom made animations for their websites. If you have an ice hockey website and want an animated puck with your team log take a look at the Ice hockey category. I always like some sort of recognition or a link back when any animations are used, as with anything used from my website.

tenpin bowling animation
tennis animation
football animation