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Spoof ads...spoof banners

Spoof banners created by using some my animated gifs

LOL animationYou see so many Ads and banners on web sites ( I'm no exception ) so I decided to make a few spoof banners, it is an easy matter to link a page to one of these and give the person who clicks it a little surprise. You can of course make a banner or even a special animation for a project using and modifying any of our work if you have animation editing software. These spoof banners do not have links attached to them but it is a very simple matter to add one with basic HTML knowledge. The "Fly B Hay"animation was created using my 3D British flag alphabet which has all the letters of the alphabet and numbers as well.

spoof ads

Kenny Punt ... Spiritualist medium extraordinaire

spoof banner

No resemblance to any well known airline intended

spoof ad

If you are familiar with I'm a celebrity.. get me out of here, you will know what this is about

flip flop dot

Designer flip flops by Dot

tuck shop

Some of the best things in life for sale

Why not have a go yourself and make some similar banners

smelly hugI have had a little bit of fun here with these spoof ads but it just goes to show how some of my work can be used in making banners. Some of the comments, for some strange reason have made my nose grow a little larger.
I put no restriction on how you use my work ( Except for adding them to any unoriginal animated gif collections )
With many of my animations you have the basics for making something a little more interesting. The background is nearly always transparent to make life a little easier as well. All I have done is made some of my standard animations a little smaller, added the relevant text and background image. The "find out who your relatives are" is a photograph of my aunts and uncles from many years ago, if they were still alive I wonder what they may of thought about their crazy nephew and his strange artwork.
Are you going to use these spoof banners, feel free to do so but you will never get any revenue should someone click on them.