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Free whiskey animations .. Ouzo, Vodka and Southern Comfort gif animations.

Cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women

animated footballI have experimented a lot with glasses and glass bottles to try and get a realistic reflection three bottles of spiritseffect and many of my later models have a better finish. I continually try to improve my work and many animations have been changed over the many years we have been making them. Fairly straight forward 3D models used here and then rendered with the corresponding labels, I had to buy all four bottles to get the labels and then scan them. The drink soon disappeared

The coke is to go with the Vodka

whiskey animated Southern Comfort animated ouzo
brandy glass Whiskey swing animated animted female cube
Ouzo bottle Vodka Southern comfort animation

We like a drink of whiskey, ouzo, vodka or SoCoOuzo collection

Some of Dot and Dave's favourite drinks. I have drank Ouzo and ice and nibbled slices of cucumber and halloumi cheese
while sitting under grapevines overlooking the Mediterranean sea and chatting to our Greek Cypriot friends. One spirit I cannot drink is the Cypriot Zivania, a very strong spirit distilled from the remains of the grapes after wine making. whiskey glassIt is absolutely clear and even if we eat fruit when drinking it which seems to be the custom I cannot say that I like it. One day I met an old Cypriot friend in a bar and he brought out a big container of the stuff. Out of politeness I joined him for a drink. In all honesty, after several of them they do seem to go down better. The problem I had was complete memory loss after half a dozen. The Cypriots also use it as a liniment for any aches and pains.

Southern Comfort and ice is my favourite but not to Dot's taste and we both like whiskey. All in moderation of course!

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