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Rotating 3D logos

The spinning logo, It used to be my speciality

ban fox huntingI used to make hundreds of these spinning animations, the problem is that I use some pretty old software to create some of this work and it only works in Windows XP. This platform is now no longer supported by Microsoft and I now use Windows 7 and 8 which means that I can no longer easily create these spinning logos.

I have now retired and do not wish to spend money getting new software, which is very expensive , so I can no longer volunteer to make spinning logos for anyone that requires them.

rotating Welsh dragon symbol
rotating sharing animation
rotating Scottish symbol
rotating amateur radio callsign
spinning Winston Churchill plate
spinning puck

Just a simple animation but very effective

puckWith the development of of new 3D animation software and the ability to make animations in other formats rather than the animated gif much of my work on this website is looking very dated, it really had it's heyday in the nineties but things change and the animations on this were website were mostly created over ten years ago. That said, some of my work is still used on websites and blogs and although I do not get the daily visits I used to get I still keep this website running because you are still downloading and using my stuff.