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Animated special occasions - Christmas, Easter, many more

It's amazing just how many special animations I have made over the years

Happy ChristeningI have a big selection of animations for all those special occasions including Santa Claus getting up to no good on the naughty Santa page. In fact I cater for most European holiday festivities and have even branched out and made some Diwali animations that can be used for the Hindu festivity.
The Christmas pages started off ten years ago, only one page then but I have slowly been adding to them, improving them and I now have many pages with different categories. There is even an animated Christmas alphabet which I hope can be added letter by letter using HTML only.

As well as holiday periods I have animations for happy birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, divorce, holidays, new baby, parties and weddings, many of these could be sent embedded into an email to brighten it up a little. All you have to is to right click on the animation and download it to your computer. It is best to put it into a file like your photographs or something similar. You then have easy access to it at any time and can even upload it to an image hosting website like Picasa and then add the link to your blog . Dot said is Divorce a special occasion, to my way of thinking it is and after the divorce from my first wife I was really quite happy.

I hope that by creating these new category pages it will make navigation of these pages a little easier. You can always use the search box at the top of this page if you cannot find the animation you are looking for. If that fails send me an email and if possible I will add it to the list of things to make if I have not got anything in stock.