All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Special effects animations. Experiments with animated gifs

We love to experiment and here are some of the results

Animated candle and pictureWe have always experimented, sometimes things work extremely well like the picture illustrated here, sometimes we are not too sure like our special effects page but we always publish our work if we feel that is usable
The abstract page was made by playing with different solid objects in the CAD software we use and getting solids to interact with each other in interesting and sometimes impossible ways.
The candles were actual videos converted into animated gifs, something we are to experiment with a little further. We have already captured a video of a robin and converted into gif format
Many of our animations rely on changing the light settings to give a flickering light effect, see light and lanterns to see what we mean The marbles or bubbles were not what we expected when we first set them up because the original idea was to try and get a good bubble effect ( something we are still working on) but we do have a very original animation. As time goes by we are adding even more animations and some of the effects on this page will be improved and more added, we are never happy with our work and can always see a lot of room for improvement.

The Psychic and magic animations are not exactly special effects but the end result of using some of the objects we created could be very special indeed, but who really wants to chat with someone from the other side or produce a rabbit from a hat.