All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D special effects animated gifs. Make your webpage bump.

Another experiment, I tried our hand at special effects.

bump bulletSometimes I can make stuff and it does not work that well. Often I will scrap it or at least try to improve it. Sometimes the animation in question is not brilliant but could possibly be used and made to look better by the blog or website owner. I feel that these special effect animations come into that category and hope that you the webmaster can do something with these animations. Most of the work involved in making these was created in my animation editing program. It is something that you the reader could do with any of our animated gifs to make even better animations than I have produced. I have made one the bumps smaller and added it to this text almost like an animated bullet, its a strange effect but by doing something like this it could attract attention to an important paragraph.

tear animation effect
special effect animation with eye
Fire effect
special effect with red bump
warp animation
special effect with green bump

See if you can use them

The first hole animation has a transparent centre. You can add any thing to the background on your web page by adding as a table or div background. The other special effect animations are exactly as you see them. So what use are you going to have for them, I spent a couple of hours making them but really do wonder how they will be used. I suppose it's something you can add to your blog or web page and make it just a little different.

Tunisia special effectThis is a photograph that I took on a visit to Tunisia a few years ago. I have experimented a little and produced this strange and wonderful effect. It is an animated gif and is quite a big file size because of this. If it was a Flash file it would be considerably smaller in size because your computer does the work to make it animate. I have added it any way just for the fun of it.