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Animated chad - no supporters, no toilet paper,
No tomato sauce and no trivia

wot, no supporters
Wot. No phone toilet paper
wot, no tomato sauce
Wot. No trivia
No supporters
No toilet paper
No tomato sauce
No trivia

tomatoWot no supporters could be associated with our local football club or even the team that my son plays football for. We cannot help laughing at the no toilet paper chad, one time when we staying in a small village in Cyprus we ran out of toilet paper and needed to buy some in the small local shop. They did not speak English and our Greek is not good. In the end some simple but crude actions explained what we wanted and caused no amount of amusement. Someone obviously likes tomato sauce and I do not blame them, if you get a chance try the " Reggae - Reggae " tomato ketchup available in the UK. We have no idea why the no trivia was requested.

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