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Wot No in-flight meals - no phone call - no privacy
No sane Admin

wot, no inflight meal
Wot. No phone call
wot, no privacy
Wot. No sane admin
No in-flight meal
No phone call
No privacy
No sane Admin

Wot no interactionNow this little lot really speak for themselves. All requested of course and you can imagine why and what sort of people were sent these in an email. The budget airlines have stopped in-flight meals so I suspect that was the reason for that one. Wot no phone call and no privacy speak for themselves but you have to wonder what sort of trouble the person got into who sent the Wot No Sane Admin animation. I must admit that we have no sane Admin here at Sevenoaks Art but then again there is only the crazy Dot and Dave team.

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