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Wot no emails, no gravy, no H2O and no hugs

wot, no emails
Wot. No gravy
wot, no water
Wot. No hugs
No emails
No gravy
No water
No hugs

hugsA selection of WOT NO animations that have been requested over a period of about eight years, it is an animation that has become very popular and I based it on the Chad or Kilroy drawing that was around when I was a boy about sixty years ago.

I can remember that I asked about the no gravy request and I think it was about some canteen meals. The wot no emails does not related to us, we get loads most of them spam and when we go on holiday use our iphone to check them. Not too sure about the H20 (water), maybe lack of rain, our favourite country Cyprus has that problem and the big reservoirs up in the mountains are drying up. As for no hugs, that one is nothing to do with us, we still get our fair share of cuddles and hugs even if we are a couple of old wrinklies.

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