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Wot no attachments, no beers, no biscuits and no cents

wot, no attachment
Wot. No beers
wot, no biscuits
Wot. No sense
No attachment
No beers
No biscuits
No sense?

wot no apologyI get a slightly uneasy feeling looking at all these Chads with their noses poking up over the wall. Everyone of these animations has been requested and sometimes I really do wonder why and what they are being used for.

Sometimes I ask the person that requested the animation but most times you can guess why they want them. I have a vivid imagination and some of the requests I have had is enough to make my mind boggle. I like the no cents one, it could have a double meaning. If you are after a special WOT NO animation send me an email and if I'm not on holiday in Cyprus or sitting in my garden drinking SoCo I will try and make it for you. Now that I have retired life is very easy and I can do things when I want and not when the boss wants me to. The only problem is Dot who somehow thinks that she can take over from my old boss.

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