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Add a message to one of these animations

blobby birthdayThis page does have a lot of animations that you will find on other pages on this website but I have added a space underneath them so that you can add a special message using an online image editor. I use ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR

Once you have downloaded an animation upload it to the editor by selecting Choose File and then clicking Upload. In the basics menu simply select Add text, select font colour and size that you want, move text into position and click apply.
Click save in the top left hand corner and save it locally (your computer) or to Facebook or Picassa. You will notice that you can add countless special effects using this editor, It's a great program to make my animated gifs look even better, so I would suggest you experiment, you will not be disappointed.

More Happy birthday animations

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Loads of space for any message.

BalloonsI must admit that these animations look a little strange with so much space underneath them but it really does make it easy for you to add a personal message underneath. It is possible to use any of my Birthday animations to add a message but you would need to increase the canvas size in an editor. With this selection I have done it for you.

All these animations have a transparent background and would sit nicely on any light coloured background. The fairy sitting on the moon birthday animation has a space in the trees where you can add a message using a white or very light coloured text.

With the three balloons the text would have to sit over the hanging strings but I have found that this gives a well balanced animation, you will see an example on this page.