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Animated spam 3D Gif animations

I like spam, it's not to everyone's taste but it makes a great fritter

donut with spam?Spam, a big problem on the internet, not only do you get loads of it in your email in box but you see loads of it on the forums and even web sites loaded with the stuff. We use Hotmail for our some of our emails and they certainly seem to have a good spam filter on it these days. One day it may all go away, the new Google search engine Panda is trying to control it (without much success) and we all live in hope. Not the sort of spam we have on this web page. When we first married we had little money and a meal of spam, baked beans and mashed potato was quite normal. We like spam and it tastes even better as a spam fritter, one of my favorites. We have added animated coffee, beans and marmite just for good measure. If you need a No Span Zone animation we have that as well but we wonder if such a zone really exists.

animated spam
no spam zone
animated spam tin
baked beans
coffe animation
animated marmite
email spam
spam sausage and egg

Monty Python and spam

Animated spam - email spam - sausage egg and spam, just like the Monty Python sketch. Then we have a tin of beans, a coffee jar and Marmite - download as animated gifs, the Branston baked beans are the best I have ever tasted and the coffee is Dot's favourite. When we visit Cyprus we always take the Marmite with us. We honestly think that having some for breakfast helps keep the mozzies away, see Mosquitoes and Marmite