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Free 3D snowmen gif animations

My snowmen do the strangest things

animated snowflakesnowing snowmanI made the snowman animation first and then added the props like the top hat. sleigh and umbrella from the collection that we had already made. A vast selection of different animations can be made when you have a library of props like mine. Mind you it has taken over ten years to get this far so what will the next ten years bring?
My grand daughter loves the snow and I am her partner in crime. We will get out in the garden and build some of the biggest and strangest snowmen you have ever seen. It looks like this little girl will be an Artist, like myself and one day may even take over this website. I have to wonder what sort of animations will be available in the years to come, I honestly thought that gif animations would have a limited shelf life but so far there is nothing to compare with them for ease of implementing into any web page.

animated snowman
snowman riding a sleigh
snowman with umbrella
animated snowman cube
smaller animated snowman
snowman cube

A snowman with animated snow as well

snow and snowmanA few animated snowmen, made with Christmas in mind but can be used on your web sites or blogs for any Winter themes. Bet you have never seen an animated snowman with a leather flying helmet on before. Ever since I won a First World War leather flying helmet on ebay I seem to have an obsession with it and have made a CAD model of one, which I have used on several animations. I also use it for cycling around the village on my moped.

The next step is to make a snowman that has a better animation on his head, legs and arms, it is on the list of many things to do to make this website a better experience for our visitors.

snowman with top hat Christmas cake snowman with scarf fat snowman happy snowman snow flake snaowman with umbrella present snowman in sleigh