All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated snow and warning signs

Download just the snow animation and not the background photo by right clicking on the snow. You will get a animated snow with a transparent background.

snowanimated snow flakeThe snow effect on the left is a very simple 300 x 200 pixel snow animation with a transparent background that has been planted on top of a photograph that has been added as a background on this webpage.

If the snow was included with the photograph as a gif animation the file size would probably be megabytes. In this case the snow is 47 kb and the background photo is 76kb. You could use any photo or image as a background on your web page to achieve the same effect.
Right click on the animation and download just the snow to a file on your hard drive, do not be concerned if it looks like an animation with nothing in it, the snow may not show up until you plant it on a darker image as a background.

The snowman, swinging sign and lantern animations come complete with snow

snow again More snow animation stay at home it's snowing
Top animated snow used Bottom animated snow used Bottom animated snow used
The three animations above were created using the transparent snow from the top and bottom photographs. In this case I deleted every other frame of a twenty frame animation to create a ten frame animation and planted it on top of the existing snowman, sign and lantern animations. Doing this cut down on the file size.

Larger version of snow, just right click and download the snow by itself.

animated snowOnce again the photograph of our garden has been used as a background on this webpage and the animated snow can be downloaded by itself

After several weeks of nothing but snow in 2010 I decided to add these snow animations.
In Kent we have at times been snowed in and the temperatures had been sub zero. This is my back garden after a flurry of snow. I like the snow mushroom effect on the garden table and our grand daughter loved building the biggest snowman ever so the garden did not look picturesque like that for long. The good thing about being retired is the fact that I can look out of my window early in the morning, see snow just like this and then get back into bed knowing that I have not got to battle my way through it to get to work.

It makes me cold just to look at the animations and photographs on this page. Animated snow must be one of the hardest things to make as a gif animation. You can make really realistic snow as a flash animation but it will not convert to a gif animation. I have combined a simple snow effect with some of our standard animations to give things like a stay at home warning sign, danger more snow on the way and the obligatory snowman in the snow.