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No smoking animations. Come on ... give it up.

You really do not need that fag

DangerYou do not have to be told that smoking will ruin your health, make you smell and waste all your money, my animations will do that. Please use these animations as much as possible in a campaign to stop people smoking. Of course if they want to carry on , and it is very difficult to break the habit, let them carry on at their own risk and do not discriminate against them.
It is bad enough that they cannot smoke in any public places, smoking rooms are no longer allowed so they have to go outside, and on a cold winters day that is no fun.

smoking makes you stink Smoking teddy bear smoking kills
no smoking animated badge dont smoke like me animated male cube
Uncle Sam says don't smoke animated coffin nails, cigarettes Keep calm and don't smoke

Who knows what your lungs look like if you smoke

God hates fagsGive up smoking cigarettes and feel healthier.

I gave up thirty years ago just after my daughter was born. I had celebrated well and smoked far too many cigarettes and the next morning I felt like a smoked kipper. From that day I stopped and in the early days used to save the money I had not spent on fags and treat myself to something special.

Dot gave up about eight years ago after continuous pressure from our daughter to stop. The arrangement was that she cut up her credit cards and Dot would stop smoking. Dot is still a non smoker but our daughter got some new credit cards, she loves spending money, just like me. The model for the "you stink" and "smoking kills" was the artist himself, compare the image with my Google+ profile link at the bottom of the page.