All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Shopping animations, lets shop till we drop.

Not my idea of having a good time.

Kittens in shopping bagsMy idea of shopping is to go into a shop, quickly find what I want and buy it whatever the cost. That is not Dot's way of shopping, I try not to go shopping with her because she will trawl several shops looking for the right article and then several more trying to find the cheapest one. Who wants to spend a whole afternoon shopping, I do not, I could be building more animations, or even better could be down the pub.

These days the only time I go shopping with her is for the weekly grocery shop. We often meet the same people and I can have a chat while Dot goes about her business. Even then she is always looking for a bargain. This selection of shopping animations are free and have no copyright as they were all made here
by my own fair hand.

spend animation
supermarket trolley
shop till we drop animation
lets go shopping animation
animated bag in shop
I love shpping

You can never tell how our animations will turn out

Trolly or basketThe conventional supermarket trolley was a difficult 3D model to make because there are so many components in it. The good thing is that although the trolley is only small it actually gives a very good 3D visualization. You can also see that if I go shopping with Dot I always have to dip into my pocket and if I were to be sent the animated ring message I would be more than a little concerned. I suppose it could be one way to pop the question or give someone a subtle hint.

The shopping bag in the shop, (middle bottom) did not quite work out how I wanted it to
but that can be the problem with creating animations, you never know how it will look until it is finished, reduced in size and optimized.

The yellow plastic trolley is used in the 99p shop in Tonbridge. They are stacked like baskets and when I went shopping with Dot I mistook it for a basket and was literally carrying it around like one. I thought it was a little on the heavy and big size and it was not until Dot decided to put something in it and told me in no uncertain terms what a stupid git I was that I realized. If you happened to be in this shop and saw a couple of old age pensioners laughing their heads off this was the reason.