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Free animated sharks

Our sharks look good placed into a Flash movie

shark cubeThe shark animation is a very popular animation on the internet. You will find many different versions, some funny, some 2D and quite a few that are 3D like ours. He was of course drawn in a 3D CAD program and then textured and animated in our other software. Using this animation in Flash we have made some good Flash movies but remember that these are bitmap images and cannot be enlarged without the image becoming pixilated. You can often cut down on the file size in Flash because you do not need to use repeating frames that add to the size like animated gifs. We have a Flash blog where we experimented using bitmap images like these and have made aquariums with plant images in the background and using the same animated fish several times without any great increase in file size.

animated shark
spinning shark
swimming shark
turning shark
shark cube
revolving shark

Placing the shark over a graphic background

The circling shark in the top animation has a transparent background so we placed it in a "div" and then added the photograph background, this way the shark animation size is kept to a minimum but you get a fairly realistic animation. If you download this animation you get only the shark with no background but you can download our background or even use your own.
If you are looking for other fish animations we have a nice collection on the link below