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"Thank you for sharing" animated gifs

It's always nice to thank someone for sharing

animated strawberryWhen we first started on the internet ( Yes we are fairly ancient ) it was a much friendlier place with nearly all original content available. Web sites were made and sharing things like animations and graphics was very common. We like to feel that we are still upholding that tradition on a web that is full of Scams, identity theft, malicious virus's and goodness knows what. In many ways it is now a dangerous place and protection is needed to visit it. There are still a few people that share our beliefs and are not out to make as much money as possible by any ways or means so we made these thank you for sharing animations so that you can thank these people. Use them on blogs and forums.

animated thank you for sharing badge
ipod sharing
sharing globe
thank you for sharing card
Thank YOU for sharing
animated male cube

We still share our stuff, maybe we have lost it, but we are happy

Many of the emails we get start with the words thank you for sharing so we decided to make some animations that said just that. In the early days the internet was based on sharing but then people discovered big money could be made and the sharing idea went out of the window. Well, almost, some people like to share and this site is one of them, and it even keeps me out of the pub (sometimes). On this page we have one specially made model, the rotating badge, and the rest of the animations were created by using other models I had made earlier and just changing the text or graphic. The animated sphere gives a good effect but I am restricted on the amount of text I can use. I tried making the image larger but the file size became impractical as I like to keep animations under 100 kb if I can.