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clownfish search engine optimisationHere at Sevenoaks Art, a small amateur animations website, I have not concentrated on any real form of SEO. All I have tried to do is to make some good descriptive titles and get the description of the particular web page correct.
Because I made all these SEO animations myself I do like to add some original text content to each page about how I have constructed or why we have made these animations. Something that many online animation websites cannot do because their collections are scraped from all sorts of black holes on the internet. Some of my animations end up in some of these collections, I do not go searching for them but a healthy interest in other animation websites often brings this fact to my attention. I'm not pleased when this happens, a lot of work and effort goes into this site and I'm proud that it is a truly original collection of animations. Apart from that one restriction on the use of my animations you can modify and use these animations in any way you like.

SEO magic or witchcraft seo monkey The key to SEO
seo cube SEO witch SEO-typewriter
SEO teddies SEO window black hat animation

I do not wear a hat, black or white

white hat animationSEO is it magic or Witchcraft, our little monkey has not got a lot of faith in SEO experts who promise good search engine rankings and is there a key to how SEO works. Some people refer to certain forms of SEO as black hat or white hat, I don't wear a hat of any sort, some people tell me that it shows. Are they referring to my bald patch?