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Proud to be Scottish animations .They likes a wee drop of whiskey

animated scottish thistleMy first wife's father was Scottish, he had been a very talented Blacksmith and was a very strong and rugged character. The first time I ever met him I had serious doubts that I wanted such a person as a father in law because he made it very clear that I was not to mess with his daughter and if I did God help me. His bark was far worse than his bite and I became very good friends with him and used to listen with great interest to his war time stories about his life in the Navy when he worked as an engineer below decks. He also had the capability of drinking eleven pints of beer in one session, something I could never emulate how ever hard I practiced. I may not miss my first wife, my second attempt at marriage was much better but I must admit that I miss Jock.

Scottish Teddy
Scottish animated flag
Animated monkey from Scotland

Proud to be Scottish animated teddy and monkey, they like a wee drop of whiskey. Scottish teddy and monkey, let them look after your finances, they should have been an accountants.