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Scottish animations, symbols flags and emblems

Animations inspired by my good Scottish friend Eddy

bagpipesA few years back I had a very good Scottish friend from Glasgow. I worked with him and I tried to get him to speak English that I could understand. In the end I ended up speaking English with a Scottish accent. He loved his booze and if we were in a pub his Scottish accent would become more pronounced the more he drank. It would get to the stage where I could not understand a word he said and if I replied yes instead of no to a question I did not understand he would go off into some sort of Scottish rant. He would always blame me for not being able to hold my drink and losing my rationality. Sadly I lost him a short while ago, the booze had taken its toll and he is now in another world waiting for me to join him and have yet another argument while sitting in the pub. God bless you Eddy you were a good mate. Here are some Scottish animations inspired by my good friend.

Royal Standard of Scotland
Proud to be Scottish teddy bear
Flag of scotland
Scottish thistle
monkey from Scotland
animated Scottish cube

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ThistleThese animated Scottish symbols made by Sevenoaks Art. I make all the animations and put the website together and Dot gives me inspiration and keeps me fed and watered.
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Some of these animations have been specially made for this page, some you will find on some of my other pages but they are all original, made by myself and not collected from any other websites.