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Free animated gifs for teachers, schools, IT project work

It's great to see our animations used by schools

buttonI'm pleased to say that I get many emails thanking me for the free animated gifs that I make from Schools, teachers and from pupils using my creations for their course work. All animations on this site are suitable for students to use so feel free to browse our selections. If written permission is required we always answer email requests as soon as possible but I have no copyright restrictions on any of my work. I make it for others to use, be it in School work, blogs, websites, emails or even on Google plus. I get my satisfaction from creating animations and once I have made something it is very nice to see that someone else appreciates it and is keen enough to use it.

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Animated Tutankhamun
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Animated gifs for teachers

If you have an an animation editing program you can modify any animations on my website. It is an easy matter to modify them online these days with one of the many animated gif editing websites. Why not add two or more together and make something different. Add text and customise it to suit your needs. If you have Flash import an animation as a bitmap and make if move across the screen, fade it in and out or move it in and out with very little extra addition to the file size. In fact the options are limitless and because I have made everything you do not need to worry about any copyright restrictions.
I enjoy making and putting together this collection of gif animations and I'm always updating and improving my work. When I belonged to animation forum I saw some of the improvements that were made with my graphics. One of the favourite methods was to put our animations on top of a photograph or picture, quite easy because I make animations with a transparent background. The results can be stunning.