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Do not get scammed and free no scams animations

No scams, no such thing as free money

Microsoft ScamBeware of the telephone call from "Microsoft" telling you that your computer has been registered as having a virus on their database. This is just a scam to get remote access to your computer and plant all sorts of malware. The internet has become a dangerous place. You need protection in the form of anti virus and fire walls and your system needs to be updated regularly. When we first started we got our anti virus updates on a weekly basis, things have changed. Then you have the scam merchants, many people have heard that a lot of money can be made on the internet for little effort. Some black hat webmasters can achieve this but the normal everyday person can be vulnerable to the sales pitch of many " make money easily " web sites. We have made these animations to advise people to be very careful when using their credit cards on the web. Read the small print very carefully, if they ask for a small fee like $2 for an online money making scheme check that you will not be billed later on a monthly basis of something like $79 or site advisormore. It does not stop there, every week I am getting emails from "Princesses" who fathers have left them millions of dollars asking if I could help them to get their money for a 15% share and do not fall for some of the bogus invoices that are often emailed over. The list is endless so here are a few animations for your amusement.

You can always download the free McAfee site advisor to check a website for Malware before you even click on the URL. It gives a warning in your search results browser.

No such thing as free money
animated scam credit card
no scams animation
no scamming badge
No scammers here monkey
No scammers sign

Animations and advice from Dot and Dave, no such thing as free money, read the small print, no scams and no scamming wanted here animations made by us for you to use on your blogs and webages etc. If anyone can lip read we apologies for the very bad language being used by the monkey.