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Happy St Patrick's day animations.

St Patrick's Day - the national holiday of the Irish people, a day that is celebrated by Irish all over the world.

cool buttonMaybe a strange looking leprechaun, I spent a lot of time putting this animation together and even tried to convert him into a Google Sketchup model but because there were so many polygons made in creating him the size of the file was almost unmanageable. Have you tried a glass of Guinness , we have tried to drink it but although it is an alcoholic drink , and we love anything like that , we would rather have our Ouzo.
Have a Happy Saints Patrick's day and for once in your life drink a little too much, eat a little too much, talk like only the Irish can and be very happy. Worry about all other things the day after. Right click the animations and download to your computer.

St Patricks day Leprechaun
leprechaun sitting on Ireland swinging sign
Guinness in a mug?
happy St Patrick's day animation
happy St Patrick's day shamrock
St Patrick's day cube

Leprechauns and all things Irish

Our collection of leprechauns and happy St Patrick's day animations. I made 3D models especially for the top row models and the Guinness drinker should really be drinking from a straight glass but I could not get the leprechaun's hands around it so I used a glass mug instead. My apologies to any purists on such matters. The spinning shamrock with the background is one of our later techniques, something you will see a lot more of on our website.

Have a happy St Patrick's Day! we also have some Irish animations on the link below.