All animations created by Dave Sutton

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English Rude comments made as animations.

They are heard in every day life in Britain

DipstickA dipstick, a stupid or inept person, I have taken the other meaning for this which is a graduated rod for measuring liquid, normally in an engine and combined the two together so this animation could be used for either meaning.

These expressions are heard in every day in England, I'm not too sure if they are used across the pond from here so it could mean another web page being created with American style insults and rude comments.

minger   twit   cockup
A minger
They are not attractive
  A Twit
Silly or foolish person
Something badly botched
get stuffed   plonker   nutter
Get Stuffed
Get lost or screw you
Idiot, used by Del boy
Crazy or eccentric person

I would ask you not to get on yer bike until you have finished here

On yer bikeOn yer bike, or go away, one of Dot's favourite expressions that left our Greek friends very puzzled when she first used it. Plonker is an expression that was used by Del Boy in Only fools and horses, a comedy on British TV and Rodney Trotter was nearly always the recipient of this rude comment. Of course a Plonker could mean something else all together but we will not go into that at the moment.
The other animations have a brief description under them. I had great fun modifying some of my existing 3D models to create this rather strange but interesting collection.