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Robert Burns Day animations

Have a taste of a delicious Haggis

HaggisAnd follow up with a nice glass of Scotch Whiskey.
I have made a collection of animations suitable for Robert Burns Day, Burns Supper or Burns night which is celebrated on the 25 January, Robert Burns birthday.

Many years ago I had a very good Scottish friend who I used to go apple picking with and he used to recite some of Burn's poems to me. His accent was so broad I understood very little of what he said but there was no doubt that he had so much interest and enthusiasm for the works of Burns/

Burns day badge Scottish flag Robert Burns cube
Burns day thistle Burns day butterfly Scotch

Animations with a definite Scottish flavour

BagpipesI like to make animations for subjects that many other animation websites would not even think about. I have not found many graphics for Robert Burns on the internet so this page must be one of the more unusual pages about.

Some of the animations have been made using existing graphics from my Scottish page and a few more have been created in my 3D software especially for this occasion.

All you need to do is to right click any animation that you like and download it to your computer, my work is free and you will have no problems with copyright if you decide to use any of these animations on your blogs or websites

Please not add any of these to online collections of animated gifs.