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Quiet, relaxing, secluded retreat hotel apartments in Lysos Cyprus. The ideal honeymoon retreat.

Paradisos Hotel

Situated in the hills of the Paphos forest

In August 2009 we took a break from animated gifs and stayed at this small secluded hotel for ten wonderful days, our photograph really does not do the place justice so I would suggest a look around their website.

From this hotel Polis, Latchi, Akamas Peninsula, Aphrodite's baths and Pomos are a short drive away and a hire car is almost a necessity unless you want to stay around the quite pool, take walks or really just chill out. From Paphos airport we have always used Paforentals who leave a car waiting for us.


They serve fantastic traditional Greek food all day long and make one of the best Brandy sours on the Island. This Hotel is ideal for the hiker, a honeymoon, or just to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
The view from this secluded restaurant and the rooms was indescribable; we had found a small part of Heaven in the hills of Cyprus. Rooms although basic were very clean and you get maid service every day and for the internet fanatic there is a free Internet connection for your laptop if you really feel the need to use it. We used to get up early every morning and take a walk through the countryside or through the quite narrow streets of the nearby village Lysos where we came to befriend many of the locals who would laugh in a very nice way (because at least we tried) at our terrible Greek . A walk would always give us an appetite for the brilliant breakfast that would be waiting for us on our return. Because it is situated in the hills even the heat of summer is bearable and you often get a cool breeze from the sea. On our visits to Paphos we found the heat and humidity unbearable and were only too pleased to return to Lysos..

To be woken in the morning by a distant Cockerel crowing or donkey braying is an experience you cannot forget. This is a Greek Cypriot family hotel, run by sisters Nicki and Soulla who are always very helpful and very good company. We often found it best to ask what they had cooked for the family each day and nearly always had the same, the vegetables and fruit fresh from the garden and the eggs gathered locally. We were never disappointed and we always put on weight to our visits here.

Sometimes lively

Some weekends you will get Weddings or Christenings but they always finish by 11 pm and the guests seem to be invited to these occasions anyway. We never needed an excuse not to join in with some of the celebrations, especially if there is a good bottle of Ouzo available, best on the rocks with glass of water on the side.

Website and contact info

If you contact this hotel please mention Dot and Dave, they may just start wondering who we are.
If you are in any doubt about our recommendation I suggest you look this hotel up on Trip Adviser and see some of the reports there. Click Paradisos Hotel Lysos for their website