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Republican and Democrats political animations

American political animations

cool bulletYep.. I'm are totally lost here. I made these animations because someone requested them but to be honest I do not know what they really represent because I live in a sleepy little village in the garden of England and I'm now too old to really worry about it. I do know that the spinning donkey and elephant are very bright and colourful animations and that it was fun making them. Hopefully a few of you may have a use for these free political animated gifs.

Do not hesitate to contact me if these logos become out of Date

democrat animation
democrat badge
republican badge
republican animation

I have animated American political faces, see link below

This basic animation , the spinning symbol, trademark or a simple object is one the most popular animations on this website. I'm asked to make many variations of it and because you get a true 3D visualization they work very well. Over the years it has become one of my specialties but I do make, and enjoy making the more traditional gif animation ( All in 3D ) where more is happening rather than just a revolving object

Visit this page to see some animated political faces

Spinning logo animated gifs, a specialty of Sevenoaks Art. Original animated gifs for use on blogs and website's, feel free to browse the drop down menu's on the right or use the search box to find other animated gifs.