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Remembrance day animations, animated poppies in memory of all the military people who have served us.

Poppy day animations

animated poppyDot and Dave are an old couple and will never forget the the sacrifice made by members of the armed service during both World Wars and even today in military conflicts. We always buy a poppy, sold by the British Legion knowing that we are helping to supply support to those who have served or are serving in the armed services.

These poppies are sold on the street or door to door by volunteers. Our animated poppies are free, use them on your web pages as a reminder of the sacrifices our military people have made.

Animated poppy for remebrance day
Remembrance day wreath
Remembrance day poppy
animated poppy and union jack
animated poppy and cross
Poppy field animation

Lest we forget.We will remember them.

Lest we forgetRemembrance day or poppy day, eleventh of November each year, is a day each year when we remember and thank all the men and women killed in military conflict by purchasing artificial poppies from the Royal British legion, a charity for war veterans. Remembrance day was dedicated by King George v November 7 1919 for members of the armed service who were killed in World War 1
The red poppy became the emblem because poppies were all across the battlefields of Flanders in World war 1, red being an appropriate colour for blood spilt at war.