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New Cross and Deptford in the fifties

cubesI lived in South East London in the 1950's and it was a warm and friendly place. Pie and Mash, Jellied eels, whelks and cockles were something to relish .At the age of eleven I would go to the Millwall and Charlton football ground and would never see any hooligans or bad mannered supporters. New year was always a special time, front doors would be left open and you could visit anyone on your street and we often did. Leave your front door open now and you can say goodbye to all your house contents. I did know a few villains, even at that age because I lived in a transport cafe and there was that special understanding and honour between them.

underground sign animated
red telephone box
red London bus animation
pillar box animation
red lights
milk float
red wall post box
red stop sign

Animations of all things in London that are red

The red telephone box could be found on every corner of London when I was a boy and they worked, they were never vandalized like these days. We still have a couple of these out in the countryside where I live now.
The Underground sign is still a common site and so is the Red London Bus except it is a more modern version than the one I have created for this webpage. Of course, having been a postman it was only natural that I should include a couple of red post boxes. You will no longer find the red milk floats but I was a milkman as well years ago. The traffic lights always seem to be red and we have our fair share of red stop signs.