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Free 3D Amateur Radio animations.

As a boy I always wanted to be a Radio Ham. My first method of contact was with two cans and a length of string. I used to build Crystal sets with a diode, copper wire and a tuning condenser, or if I could not afford one take tappings from the copper wire coil. A really good antenna and good earth were essential to make it work. When I moved to Sydenham, close to Crystal Palace all my beloved crystal set would receive was BBC television sound because I was so close to the transmitter. I lost interest in such things then and only when I reached the tender age of 30 did I decide to buy a CB. This started the interest off in such things again but because CB was so restricted and far too busy I decided to take the Amateur Radio examination. After a years studying I took the regulations and theory examination, passed and got my B licence. G1 UNI

After another year of listening to and sending Morse code I passed the test and got my A licence G0 IPH The day I passed was one of the happiest days of my life because Morse code was never easy for me but plain stubbornness and persistence and the help from an ex RN Sparks got me up to speed.

RSGB animated logo
amateur radio logo
ARRL logo
email button for he radio ham
animated amateur radio
animated transistor
animated microphone
animated yagi beam
animated morse key

I have made friends all over the world

batteryThis is my page about one of my other hobbies. I have made friends all over the world by talking on Amateur radio. It took two years in all for me to get my full A licence. A year studying about operating procedures and practices and another year to learn and send morse code to the speed required. The visits to Cyprus I now regularly make were due to making friends with a Cypriot radio ham on air and eventually flying out to meet him and then making many more Cypriot friends.

You will find on this page some amateur radio logos, transceiver, transistor, microphone, aerial, my Post Office Morse key and a battery.