All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D Animated rabbits. Did the carrot attract them?

A jet propelled carrot for a rabbit

animated carrotThese animated rabbits were made at least ten years ago, noddy and the drinking rabbit were requests. I vaguely remember that someone wanted a long eared rabbit so I made Noddy. The strange drinking rabbit was made for an American who belonged to a running club who after their run would like a drink of beer. These are not the best samples of my work although I thought they were pretty good at the time. The rabbit in the daffodils is a good animation for Easter. Originally all these animations had a white background, it was only later on that we discovered you could have a transparent background which these now have. It has been a long but enjoyable learning curve making all the rabbits on this website. It may have been a lot easier to have got some tuition in the early days rather than struggling through teaching myself.

rabbit in magicians hat
drinking beer rabbit animation
animated rabbit in daffodils
nodding rabbit animation
cartoon rabbit on animated cube
Easter rabbit

Some very strange rabbit animations

It's a strange collection of animated rabbits, I'm the first to admit that but it just sort of happened over the past ten years that I have been making all sorts of strange animations. When I first started I thought that animated gifs would have a limited life span because of Flash and Java script but all these years later they are still as popular as ever. Some of that is due to the fact that the ipad does not support Flash, some is due to the fact that Google+ is the ideal place to display my work, but a lot is due to the fact that gif animations are so easy to add to web pages blogs emails and forums.