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The Queens Diamond Jubilee gif animations

I remember the coronation in 1953

small Union JackThe Queen came to the throne in 1952 and the coronation took place in 1953, a good year because that was the year Dot was born. I remember that my father bought a television especially to watch the coronation. it was a large wooden cabinet with a very small screen that had a large magnifying glass over the front of it. It was exciting stuff to watch a special aerial being erected on our chimney for this piece of modern technology.
When that magic day came we sat in our darkened front room with many of our neighbours and watched the ceremony in black and white. Quite frankly at that age, once the novelty of watching TV had worn off it was a long and boring program and I would much rather had watched Muffin the Mule.
Sixty years later our Elizabeth is still on the throne and I have the pleasure of making these animated gifs to commemorate sixty years under her reign. I have watched her children grow up, Prince Charles is about my age and at one time we even had the same hairstyle until I became a Mod in the sixties.

Queens head
Queen and book
Framed picture of queen
Silver Jubilee cube
Diamond Jubilee card
animated jubilee button
animated jubilee medal
Diamond jubilee flag
Jubilee medal in case

Animated Diamond Jubilee medals as well.

On the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of June we will have the celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee and I intend to celebrate my holiday in style. Many people in my village will have parties and a fete will be arranged in our local park. A special medal has also been commissioned to commemorate the occasion so I have made two animations of it, one spinning and one in a box.
These animated gifs are my contribution to this very special anniversary and I hope that you can find a use for them on your web articles or wherever you feel you can use them.
The medals and the Queens head were made especially for this page, the rest of the animations were made using existing models but making some drastic modifications to suit.