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QR code animations. You can read these with an iphone

Animated QR code, a fun thing to make but it is much use?

abstractA very simple animation to make. A simple very thin solid rectangle was created in the CAD program, exported into Artlantis where it was rendered with the Q code and then exported as a series of Jpeg's with the camera rotating around the rectangle. The animation software then optimized and made it into an animated gif. Should you want a special QR code animation for your website let me know and I should be able to make one for you as long as I can remember how to generate the qr image.

animated qr code
qr code animation

You can generate QR code online

QR codes not unlike the bar code that you come across printed on the packaging of many things you purchase in a supermarket or shop can hold information like text, open an URL or email address and many other forms of data. Some newspapers are making use of these by offering aps for your smart phone that can then read a printed piece of QR code which in turn will download a particular section of news or even a " page 3 " type video. I think that we will be seeing more and more of this strange looking code as sales of smart phones increases
These codes can be generated online and the information can be read by a smart phone with a QR reader application installed. It is possible to read the codes in my animations from the computer screen and I have done so with my iphone although on some high definition screens it did not work The information held in the above animations is text about this site and a link to Sevenoaks Art. These animations are really not much use to anyone but it was an interesting experiment. More " usable " animations are available by looking through our menu or making a search on our customized search box.