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3D Prince Charles and Prince Harry animations

Same age as me, about the only thing I have in common with Charles

animated crownA good old fashioned member of the royal family. Terribly formal and although about the same age as me we have very little in common. I'm a good old fashioned slob, lives in a T shirt and jeans and I do not even own a suit, the exact opposite of Prince Charles. About the only thing we do have in common is the receding hairline. These are some of my favourite animations and a lot of work has gone into them, especially in the construction of the crown. So much so I decided to make a separate animation of it.

Prince Charles animation
Animated Prince Charles
Prince Charles reading Playboy
Prince Charles on TV
Prince Harry animation
Prince Charles animation

Prince Harry animation

Prince HarryI probably risk being thrown into the Tower of London for these animations. Prince Charles reading his favourite books and nodding in agreement. He is always on television so I decided to make an animation of him doing just that. I had to include an animation of his son Prince Harry as photographs were published in the newspapers showing him in a pose very similar to the one I have published here, no wonder he is shaking his head.

I have made quite a few more animated faces similar to the ones on this page and they can be found on link above. This collection is always being added to as there is always someone in the limelight.