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UK Portrait Artist Sue Clinker. Amazing artwork!

Some really impressive portraits

ButterflyJust occasionally I meet someone on the internet whose creative work really impresses me. Sue Clinkers work really does that. She gave me permission to use her work in animations and this is the end result. I have used four of the models that I had previously built and simply rendered them with a photograph of sue's work. I think you will all agree that her portraits are very good and really helps to make my little animations look that much better. Not only do the portraits actually look like the person or animal involved, they could almost be a photograph because so much detailed work has gone into them. Its nice to know that I have created a page with truly original artwork.

Audrey Hepburn is on the easel. Marilyn Monroe is on the swinging sign. "Del Boy" played by David Jason is in the laptop. "Victor Meldrew" played by Richard Wilson is on the spinning button.

Audrey Hepburn portrait
Marilyn Monroe portrait
Del Boy portrait
Victor Meldrew

We have used some of Sue's portraits to make these animations

Here are some animations that have been made with portraits created by Sue Clinker, an exceptional UK portrait artist who will draw portraits of your horse, pony, dog, cat, people, adult, child, baby of family group in Pastel, graphite or coloured pencil from your photographs. My animations have not really done justice to Sue's portrait work but a visit to her website is well worth a visit to see her work in all its glory.