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3D Political animated gifs, "Vote for" animations

We even have an animated red UK budget brief case

red budget caseA selection of 3d political animations . On this page you have the UK "vote for" spinning badges that can be used on your campaign web pages and of course you can always support us by using the vote for Dot and Dave badge. The American political symbols are animated republican and democrat symbols. Winston Churchill has some animations of our war time hero including the famous two finger salute and the political faces page has some 3D animated gifs of famous people including David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Hilary Clinton, George Bush, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

A collection of animated “vote for” your favourite political party.

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Greedy UK politicians

Pig in a mangerOf course the animation of our happy little pig in the manger was inspired by our greedy UK politicians making the news by their alleged misuse of permitted expenses they could claim. There were public apologies, repayment of expenses and several prosecutions. Basically it was alleged that they were on the fiddle and claiming expenses for all sorts of things with bills running into many thousands of pounds . The expression used in my animation just about says it all as far as I'm concerned. I have never had much faith in politicians, feel that they are more interested in lining their own pockets than giving genuine help to their constituents and are incapable of giving a simple honest answer to anything.