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Polish teddy bear and monkey and proud of it

animated peacock butterflyMy brother's son now lives in Poland and loves every minute of it. He married a lovely Polish girl and is now teaching English in a Polish school. His children are very lucky as they talk both English and Polish. My grand daughter is in a similar position because her cousins have a Tunisian father and as they talk some Arabic and French as well so she is picking these languages up from them. These animations have been made from a model of a monkey and teddy bear that we have used in many other animations, the teddy bear is the older one and seems to be well loved by many people on the internet. The flag animation is one from our national flag collection, we thought it would be nice just to add it to these animations.

Polish Teddy Bear
Animated polish flag
Animated monkey from Poland

Polish Teddy and monkey, they are wanderers so keep an eye on them. They will be loyal and faithful to you. A study in red and white, a teddy and monkey that will never stay in the same place for too long but very industrious and a hard working. Let them keep the flag waving for you.