All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Please ring me animations. Original 3D animated gifs.

You can call me from your mobile, land line or even a red telephone box

iphoneThese ring me animations were requested when we had forum ( We use Goggle+ now ) so we have used some of our standard 3D models and modified them to suite. The easy one to modify was the please ring me swinging bells. We used the standard bell animation and in an animated gif editing program like Jasc Animation shop added the tag. There is nothing to stop you doing something like this with any of our animations, most have a transparent background and can be easily edited and have tags or other animations incorporated. To edit something like the iphone is not such a simple matter and is much easier when you have the original 3D CAD drawing. We do not intend to part with many of those except for the ones we have added to the Google Sketchup Warehouse.

Iphone please ring
animated telephone box
old telephone with please call me
ring me bells
Tardis in space and ring me
animated male cube

Just the animation to send by email to that person who has not called you

Ring me please animationIts an interesting request for an animation, you have to wonder why anyone would want to use such a thing although we can think of many cases in our life when a humorous please ring me reminder sent by email or posted on a message board could encourage someone to give you that long awaited telephone call.

I enjoyed making them, especially as it involved modifying existing animations to create that something that is slightly different from the many gif animations available on the internet.

All animations on this page have been created using CAD software and then finalized in Jasc Paint Shop Pro (The really old version)