All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Some Animated planets of the Solar System

3D animations made for use on a dark background

animated Moonsafe Mars landingThese planet animations have been made for a dark background and can be used on your outer space or Astronomy web pages. You should not see any halo if placed on a dark starry sky or a dark mysterious science fiction web page background. The planets were easy enough to make in the 3D software but rendering them and animating them to look right was not easy. If I could have found a photo of the back of the moon I would have rotated that as well but my version on the left seems to work well. Quite a few of my friends have started Astronomy as a hobby and Simon (a very good friend) has a giant telescope and spectacular photography equipment. I will post some of his photos on here at a later date

Saturn animation
animated mars
Jupiter animation
Venus animation
Uranus animation
Neptune animation

So far I have only made this selection of planets

star burstFrom left to right top row is Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Bottom row is Venus, Uranus and Neptune.

A few solar system planets that will look very good when placed on your blog , website or IT project. These are original animations; they have not been gathered from far off places on the internet and have been made by Sevenoaks Art using CAD software and image editing programs. Be aware that even although these planets have a transparent background they will show a dark halo around them if you try to use on a white or light coloured background.