All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Every one loves a Pirate

These animated pirates took many hours to make

SMALL ANIMATED SKULL AND CROSSBONESIt took a lot of time to build the 3D animated pirate models for this page. True I used some existing stuff I had already made like the skull, skeleton, teddy and flag that had taken me many days to create and modified them to suite by adding little embellishments. This is the good thing about making 3D animations, they do take time to make but you can use them over and over again from all sorts of different angles. The Cutlass, spinning skull and crossbones and sea chest were created from scratch. As time goes by our collection grows and we make more ( not always animated pirates ) almost every week.

pirate animation
animated cutlass
animated pirate skeleton
pirates chest
Jolly Roger
skull and cross bones
animated goron brown as a pirate
Animated Pirate skeleton
panda pirate animation

Yes - We do have some strange pirate animations

Sevenoaks Art 's original collection of free pirate animations which includes the pirate teddy bear, we have more animated teddies with national flags on the Teddy bear page, a cutlass, a frightening looking pirate skeleton, a panda dressed as a pirate, the obligatory sea chest and of course the Jolly Roger with the skull and cross bones. Is the odd one out in our collection Gordon Brown?

As a boy I would often imagine I was a pirate. Saturday morning visits to the children's matinee would find us watching films like Batman, Roy Rogers,The Cisco Kid and of course the adventures of Blackbeard the pirate. Pirates are very popular now so I have made a few for your blogs and web sites.

No self respecting pirate website would be without a skull and crossbones, we have not only made the flag but a 3D spinning version as well.