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How to add your own picture to the swinging sign with PSP 8

A Paint Shop Pro 8 tutorial by Sevenoaks Art

Paint Shop Pro 8 is a rather old program but still available on the internet, I have seen it on Ebay at a reasonable price.

swinging signDownload the files required for psp tutorial here

Once you have unzipped the files create a folder on your hard drive name it swing (or whatever you like) and place
in it the jpegs swing1x, swing2x, swing3x, swing6x, swing7x, Blankx and blankswing.gif

Navigate to Local Disc (C) - My documents - My PSP 8 files - Scripts trusted and place all 5 swing script files in it (Jasc PSP Script)

Open up PSP8 and check that you have all 5picturespin script files.

Click View - toolbars - script to make sure that you have the script toolbar on display


You should have all picture spin scripts as illustration above

Make sure that the Interactive Script playback toggle is not highlighted

Open up the image you want to use and crop it square then Image - resize 200 x 200 pixels
Do not worry too much if it is pixilated

I have used a picture of my cat Tia

Using the browser navigate to your swing folder

Drag out blankx from the browser. Select your image by clicking on top border to highlight it blue. Edit - copy - select blankx - Edit - paste as new layer
Click Layers - merge - merge all
You should have image as below - it is essential that the image is dead square on the green background
Save this image, close it and open it again, I have called mine "Tia"



Making sure that you have selected "Tia" run Selected script swing1 by clicking on arrow

If you have left it in interactive playback mode you will have to click OK to each dialogue box - for swing2 turn off

playback toggle button

You should have this


Drag out swing1x from the browser and then select "Tia"- Edit - copy
Select swing1x-
Edit -paste as new layer

Now we have to be very careful here as once you have pasted "Tia" in everything looks fine but it is not.

On the layer toolbar (Drag out wider if necessary) select the layer you have just pasted (Raster 1) and move the
slider to the right of the eye to about 80

Layer layout

You should have this


With the "move tool" move transparent "Tia" and align her with the darker green image behind her

Move the transparency slider on the layer toolbar back to 100 and then save as "anyname"1
(Agree to merged image and save as JPEG) and then close it

Return to "Tia" click the undo last command button and return back to original image.

Drag swing2x- rename"anyname2" and repeat as we did with swing1x but using swing2 script on "Tia"

Drag swing3x- rename"anyname3" and repeat as we did with swing1x but using swing3 script on "Tia"

Drag swing6x- rename"anyname6" and repeat as we did with swing1x but using swing6 script on "Tia"

Drag swing7x- rename"anyname7" and repeat as we did with swing1x but using swing7 script on "Tia"

Close everything and then open Animation Shop
File- Jasc software Products - Launch animation shop

Open the animation wizard File - animation wizard
Select same size as first image on first dialogue box
Select transparent on next dialogue box
Leave settings on third next box
Select repeat animation and frame display as 15 seconds on next dialogue box

Then add images, files of type JPG , select files "anyname" 1,2,3 6,7 and arrange as below

animation wizard

Click next and Finish


Make the background transparent - Animation - replace colour -select all frames use the eye dropper to select the background green colour. You will have to experiment with the tolerance setting as it will sometimes make part of the image transparent , if it does use a lower setting until your image is opaque and the background is transparent

dialogue box

Note number of frames in this case is 5

Click OK and then Animation - resize and resize to 40% of original.

You will have this but as this animation has repeat frames we will need to copy and paste some frames in

film strip 5 frames

Select frame F2 (A blue border appears as in F1 above) Edit-copy then Select F3 and Edit - Paste - After current frame

Select frame F1 Edit-copy then Select F4 and Edit - Paste - After current frame

Select frame F6 Edit-copy then Select F7 and Edit - Paste - After current frame

film strip

You should have this

Click View - Animation to make sure it swings nicely - if it does not check your sequence - you can rearrange frames by dragging them and dropping them into the border between frames

Now we will bring out the swinging sign.

File - Open - navigate to blankswing.gif and open it.

Click on registration mark tool button then click corner of frame1 in the blankswing as below
You can use the middle wheel on your mouse to zoom


Then click on the corner of frame 1 in the animation you have just made



Click on arrow button (first button as illustrated here)

Click on frame 1 of the animation you just made (In my case "Tia") and with shift and arrow right key highlight all.

Now the good bit! Drag frame one of "Tia" down onto frame one of blankswing and release - a new animation is
created. Make sure that you dragged from frame one to frame one , if it went wrong just click the top of
each animation and click the undo button

File - Save - save as best quality on pointer, click customize button and on partial transparency tab use these settings


Save to folder of your choice and name as required.

Good Luck