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Photorealistic gif animations. 3D animated gifs

It can be so good to see our animations on other websites

butterflyHere at Sevenoaks Art we love to experiment. You can probably tell by the layout of our website that we are not experienced webmasters but we found out a little about making photorealistic animations in the past ten years. We are amateurs and not out make any money from work but purely love to experiment and then show off our work. We get a real buzz if we see our work being displayed on other web sites. Are we crazy for not charging, we do not think so, if someone is not happy with a particular graphic, that is their hard luck, its all free after all

King Tut animation
animated 3D perfume
violin 3d model
animated gun
candle in front of picture
animated ipod
clown fish

The technique used in making photorealistic animations

The Tutankhamun 3D model rendered with sections of a photo and "patched together , lighting effects help bring it to life.
Animated perfume bottle a very simple animation made from two of our models. The violin model was difficult to get right because of complex curves. Rendered with different wood grain textures. Automatic pistol took a little time to construct we have used it a few of our animations. Photograph of Tajmahal inserted into a 3D frame with realistic candle and lighting effects added. An easy to make model of an ipod touch with some nice reflection effects.

Many of our animations are created in a CAD package and then rendered with a photo of the object with a photorealistic texture. We are one of the few free animations web sites that actually make and use 3D models in this way. Visit our web page detailing just how we do this. Some textures for our models are created in Paint Shop Pro but with the help of 3D the animation can still have a very realistic look about it. We have learnt a lot from Google Sketchup techniques where you can use a low poly count 3D model and then texture it with a photograph to get very realistic results .A lot of the buildings made with sketchup in Google Earth are created in such a manner.