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Proud to be from the Philippines

animated clownfishI have two friends from the Philippines, one is Merci who qualified as a doctor in the Philippines and is working as a nurse here in England because her qualifications are not recognized here. The other is "Gee" who is a qualified teacher but is working in our friends house in Cyprus as housemaid. She gets paid more doing that than working as a teacher back home. Most of the money she does earn is sent back home to help support her family. Gee is one of the lucky ones because she has been accepted as part of the family in Cyprus and has her own independent apartment. I must admit that when we stay in our friends house in Cyprus we do have a problem with the fact that she wants to cook breakfast for us when we get up. We are not used to being looked after in such a manner and Dot normally says "don't worry" and makes something for the two of us.

Philippines teddy bear
Animated flag
Animated monkey from Philippines

Filipino teddy and monkey, very lovable, quite and very helpful. They are waiting patiently for you to download them and then animated them so that they can amuse you and keep you happy.