All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Petunias, a flower we always have in Summer

We plant these flowers out every year

RoseOne of our favourite flowers. Each year we go down to the local nursery and buy a whole lot of these and plant them out in decorative flowerpots and in the flower bed. Very easy to look after and when you remove the dead flower heads they leave a sticky sweet smelling residue on your hands.
Sadly the brilliant splash of colour is not long lived and they tend to fade away fairly quickly leaving a sad spindly plant. The petunia model took many days to make and we used an existing wheel barrow and boot model to make the other animations.

aniamated petunia plant
animated petunias in wheel barrow
petunias in animated shoe
petunia cube
animated button
animated cube

Many more animations have been added in the past couple of years

The first animated petunia on the top row is the original model we made and at one time that was all we had on this page. At a later date the wheelbarrow was added, the pattern had come from an old woodworking book I had been given which detailed all sorts of traditional joinery work. I think that the wheelbarrow and flowers works very well and I have used it in other animations. When you have a 3D model it is possible to animate it from any viewpoint and add any sort of objects as well. The boot comes from my animated gnome and I just added the petunia model. The bottom row is a classic example of how some really nice photographs can be used with very simple 3D models to make an interesting animation.