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Free animated perfume animations

I hope to add even better perfume animations

butterflyA few years back when I was a very active member on one of the PSP forums the butterfly on the perfume bottle was very popular. It is quite easy to add a name to the blank perfume bottle with an animation editing program.Of course if you want to send a virtual bottle of perfume to someone these are the ideal gifts. ( If you think someone is smelly, we have not got any animated deodorant cans yet) The revolving bottle was a later addition and I used a better reflection effect as I continually try to improve things. This is another page on my list of webpages that need some better animations.

animated butterfly on perfume bottle
animated 3D perfume
blank perfume bottle
perfume no 7
3D perfume bottle
animated perfume bottle
perfume cube
perfume and rose
Teddy bear and rose

You can add a name to the blank perfume bottle and butterfly

In this collection I have a perfume bottle with welcome added to it, I can always make one with different text on it, my own brand called 3D and a blank perfume bottle and butterfly that can have a name applied to it using an online image editor. My little Teddy Bear is not impressed with all these strange exotic smells and would rather smell a red rose instead, maybe he has a point.